Detox-Myth-Deprivation-Sara-Celik-Naturopathic-Doctor by Dr. Sara Celik, ND @
21st Mar

The Biggest Cleansing MYTH

When most people hear the words detox or cleanse, their brain immediately starts listing all the foods that they “should NOT” have … gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, eggs, bananas, melons,

Tips for Your Fall Cleanse by Dr. Sara Celik, Naturopathic Doctor at
11th Oct

3 Quick Tips For Your Fall Cleanse

The Fall season is finally here – time to wear cozy sweaters, trendy boots, and sip chai lattés. More importantly, Fall is a great time of year to cleanse. Wondering what

5 Tips to Help You Sleep by Dr. Sara Celik, ND at
28th Sep

5 Tips To Help You Sleep

Are you tired of lying in bed watching the clock? Are you worried this may be another night of tossing and turning? Perhaps these days you just can’t shut your

Cosmetic Surgery and What You Need To Know by Dr. Sara Celik, ND
24th Aug

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? First Read This

Can cosmetic surgery enhance outer beauty and increase self-confidence? Yes, absolutely! I’ve seen many patients transform and feel better about themselves after cosmetic surgery. It can enhance appearance (just look at