14th Mar

Natural Lube Without The Toxic Chemicals

Did you know that many commercial lubricants can negatively affect your health by disrupting your normal flora. Although lube is meant to reduce friction and prevent condoms from breaking, on the downside they can impact your body’s own defenses by altering your natural environment.

One study showed using a lubricant was associated with a more than threefold greater risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection, as a result of disrupting the body’s normal defenses.

Avoid creating a breeding ground for yeast and other pathogens by switching from commercial lubricants, which can be toxic to cells and tissues, to all natural coconut oil.

Researchers have found that coconut oil has the ability to boost immunity and help prevent transmission of disease.

As research continues, they are currently studying the effects of lauric acid against HIV/AIDS, along with other sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia.

If you’re investing in your health by buying organic food like quinoa and collard greens, using organic personal care products, and taking high-quality supplements, you may want to think twice about the chemicals you’re exposing yourself to by using chemically-ridden lubricants.

Toxic ingredients in commercial lube can reduce immunity, act as endocrine disruptors, and even impair fertility.

This means it’s up to you to protect your sexy parts from harmful chemicals.

My advice? Read your labels and choose wisely.

Not only should you select your sexual partners intelligently, you also want to choose your personal lubricants wisely. Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and enticing flavours – these erotic gels can seriously harm your health.


Dr.Sara Celik
Dr. Sara Celik is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and is the Spokesperson for Renew Life Canada. She is a leader in the health and wellness industry and is regularly featured as a sought-after expert on television programs and in health publications. Dr. Sara carries over 15 years experience and her clinical practice and work in the community Is focused on digestive health, detoxification and weight loss.
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