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Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Tea

If you’re like me, you can’t imagine going a day without herbal teas.

Not only are herbal teas comforting and soothing, herbal teas offer an array of health benefits.

Well…that is for the most part.

Sadly, herbal teas aren’t always good for us.

Did you know that many tea companies pack harmful ingredients into those little tea bags?

You heard correctly!

There may be harmful, toxic chemicals in that cuppa tea that you’re drinking.

The founder of Food Babe is one of my favourite food investigators.

Not too long ago, she discovered some shocking facts about popular herbal tea brands that literally made my jaw drop.

She found pesticides, artificial flavours, and GMO’s lurking in some of our favourite tea brands.

Though many herbal teas are marketed as “natural” and “healthy”, carrying popular names like Zen Tea and Sleepy Tea, upon further evaluation, Food Babe found that many of them are filled with chemicals, artificial flavours, genetically modified organisms and toxins!

As disappointed as I was to learn of her findings, I was grateful for the truth.

I’m a strong believer that knowledge is power and with it, we can take our health into our own hands.

Since Food Babe’s big reveal about tea, I’ve been buying 100% organic natural herbs and brewing up my own concoctions at home.

I’ve also been able to help my patients who were sipping these teas daily by sharing this invaluable information with them and providing them with healthier, chemical-free alternatives.

Perhaps you’re wondering how a small cup of tea can contain so many harmful ingredients?

Well, the answer is quite simple.

Tea is imported from all over the world, and unless companies are buying tea from a reputable, certified organic farmer, there’s a good chance that the herbs and ingredients have been grown in less than ideal conditions.

In fact, tea is one of the most sprayed crops in the world!

Recent research by Glaucus Research on a popular brand found in stores found that over 90% of the teas tested showed pesticide levels that were over United States limits and one brand contained propachlor, which is considered a carcinogen.

This toxic chemical can cause problems with fertility and many other health issues.

My advice?

Always read labels and know your tea supplier.

Buying organically sourced whole herbs and using a strainer is better than buying finely crushed herbs that come in bleached tea bags.

Remember, if your tea comes in tea bags, it may contain epichlorohydrin.

When this ingredient comes into contact with water, it converts into 3-MCPD, which is another known carcinogen.

So when it comes to drinking natural herbal teas, you may want to get the good stuff – 100% natural, organic, and chemical-free!

Wouldn’t you agree?



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