‘Detox’ is not my last name. I am committed to sharing the benefits of detox for one main reason …

Detox transformed my life and now, all I want to do is share it.

Detox taught me that everything I put into my body counts.

I struggled with digestive issues and terrible skin for years…

I wouldn’t leave the house without foundation caked on my face and I remember crying myself to sleep many nights. Needless to say, my bad skin (severe acne and eczema) affected my self-confidence, my social life, and my overall health.

After endless prescriptions from dermatologists that merely attempted to mask symptoms, at the age of 22, I decided to seek the help of a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto.

My ND told me that my skin wouldn’t clear up until I did a detox.

A what!?

Apparently living off diet pop, sugary carbs, and McDonald’s was a bad idea.

Who knew?

I had no idea what a detox would involve … but I was willing to try anything.

So there I was sitting in my dorm room at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine with a list of foods to eat that I could barely even pronounce.

My ND told me that I had very high inflammation and a toxic gut. She said that my chronic health issues wouldn’t resolve until I addressed the root cause – GUT INFLAMMATION & TOXINS!

She gave me a 3 week plan to kickstart my lifelong health journey.

It involved eating “rabbit” food, taking herbal tinctures two times per day, and sending loving thoughts to myself.

Just fantastic!

I had no idea how to prepare “rabbit” food, I disliked the taste of the herbs, and I definitely couldn’t think of anything loving to say to myself.

Day 1, I stayed in bed.

Day 2, I cried.

Day 3, I was ready to quit.

Day 4, I got over it.

It wasn’t easy.

My turning point came when I looked in the mirror and noticed my skin was getting better.

I couldn’t believe it. After only 10 days, my health had completely transformed.

Inflammation had come down, the itching had stopped, and my skin looked healthier than ever. Both the acne and eczema that I struggled with for years had almost completely cleared up!

I was also down 12 pounds, which was the most weight I had ever lost. I thought to myself, what an amazing detox side-effect.

As a bonus, my digestion had tremendously improved.

  • NO bloating.
  • NO cramping.
  • And NO painful elimination.

I had never felt so good. Naturopathic Medicine was a gift to me and now, I get to share this gift with others.

After 8 long years of university…

I received my Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree and detox became my passion. Any opportunity that I had, I would teach others about gut health, toxins, and treating the root cause.

I now live and practice Naturopathic Medicine based on the very wise words of Hippocrates – a Greek Physician from 2500 years ago.

In the last 15 years, I have helped thousands of people revitalize their health and achieve their health goals – all by addressing the root cause of disease.